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The platform offers flexibility of engagement as the clients can search for the right fit for their critical projects, without having to recruit them under full-time employment contracts. Highly trained compliance and legal teams ensure smooth contract formulations, under strong policy frameworks and audit mechanisms

  • Meet critical project requirements, faster
  • Optimize resource planning
  • Shorten TAT for critical projects
  • Acquire one-time under ‘Pay as you use’ model
  • Avoid in house competency building in non-core operations
  • Operate with lean teams, without worrying about attrition
  • Minimize cost of resource acquisition and retention
Benefits to


Partners or suppliers can map their resource profiles with project needs and deploy their ‘benched staff’ on newer, productive projects. Suppliers gain access to networking opportunities and acquire new projects and prospective customers while also reducing bench strength and making the resource exits smoother

  • Minimize bench strength to increase revenue
  • Optimize resource utilization
  • Discover and harness new business opportunities
  • Enrich existing talent pool
  • Reskill benched resources
  • Diversify expertise across emerging technologies
  • Incentivize employees with exposure to newer projects


Find resources for short term technology requirements

• Create your profile on the platform

• SHare details of the project and skill set required

• Find resources from the database of resources

• Assess skills

• Sign a contract and start engagement

Post your Assignment


Find Assignment

Find Assignment for your bench staff

• Create your profile on the platform

• SHare profiles of bench staff

• Search projects for the bench staff

• Get connected to the client

• Sign a contract and start engagement